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Flexible access rights and task allocation make working in a big team easy in Octo Browser
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A common workspace

Control your profiles inside a common workspace using different devices and IP addresses without checkpoints or multi-accounting bans.

Teamwork features


Data sharing

Share profiles, proxies, and cookie files across the team.

Team roles

Control the work of every team member using flexible role settings. Control access to profile creating, modifying, deleting, cloning, and transfering.

Work with tags

Set up tags for different profile categories to manage your team work. Keep your workflow private.

Password-Protected Profiles

Use passwords to protect profiles against unsanctioned launches and for additional profile data protection.

Activity history

Track your team members’ detailed profile interaction activity history.

Frequently asked question

The owner of the main account can invite a participant to a team. In the Settings menu go to Team and press the Invite button. Use the pop-up window to assign profile access rights and provide an email address for the invitation message.

Working in a team allows profile sharing without exporting and importing files.

It is not possible to work with the same profile simultaneously, but you can do so in turns.

You can create and assign unique tags for each team member, who in turn will choose their tag when creating a profile. This way only they and the main account will be able to see these profiles.

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