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A well set-up profile can completely protect your accounts from detection or bans.
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Create secure profiles

Create, clone, export, and transfer your profiles without limitations. Create a quick profile with a browser fingerprint in one click and start working.

Profile features

Export and import profiles

Octo Browser users can export and import profiles in the .octo format.

Control the fingerprint

You can adjust every parameter of the browser fingerprint: there are more than 50 of them.

Cloud storage

Keep all your data in a completely safe encrypted cloud storage.

Profile history

Keep track of 100 last profile actions at any time.

Paste as human typing

Use the paste as a human typing feature to get past anti-fraud systems.

Frequently asked question

Go to Templates and click on Create a template. Add the template and profile names, and configure it as needed.

In order to do this, you need to turn on extension saving in the profile settings, activate the necessary profile, and add the extensions you need through the Chrome Web Store.

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