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Octo Browser’s fingerprint management is implemented in the Chromium-based browser kernel, which protects your device from additional spoofing checks.
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High-quality fingerprint spoofing

Octo Browser is the only multi-accounting browser that can easily pass such popular checkers as pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, whoer, and ip-api without mistakes or alerts, which is important for working with multiple profiles.

Fingerprint management features


Create digital fingerprints

You can create an unlimited number of browser fingerprints of real devices for your profiles.

Flexible parameter customization

You can configure more than 50 parameters of your browser fingerprint.

Maximum authenticity

Octo Browser provides you with fingerprints taken from real systems for maximum authenticity.

Chromium kernel fingerprint

Use the bullet-proof cutting edge spoofing algorithms implemented in the Chromium-based browser kernel.

Frequently asked question

No. You can use an unlimited number of temporary proxies. The limit only applies to the number of saved proxies.

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