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Every Octo Browser profile has a distinct browser fingerprint of a real device, which allows you to control thousands of accounts on one devaice.
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Risk allocation

Minimize identification risks and possible account overlapping. Allocate risks of possible account loss when working with affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

Multi-accounting features


No limits

The number of simultaneously running profiles is limited only by your PC resources.

Fast profile creation

Create fully configured virtual profiles in one click.

Profile export and import

Clone, export, and transfer ready profiles with all associated data individually and in bulk.

Adding tags

Combine your profiles into groups using tags for quick access to different account types.

Frequently asked question

Yes, you can import a previously exported profile in Octo Browser (a .octo file). A user importing such a profile will receive it with the same fingerprint and cookies as the exported profile.

You can create and assign new tags to a profile in several ways, e.g., while creating or editing a profile you can click on Edit tags, choose a new tag name, and add a tag.

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