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API automation

Every profile in Octo Browser has its own cookie files that don’t look suspicious when the fingerprint is checked by websites.
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Automate routine actions

Ditch manual tweaking and repetitive actions: optimize your account and profile tasks using API.

API features


API automation

The current API version allows creating, editing, deleting, and receiving profiles with the necessary fingerprint settings, proxies, cookies, and tags. Additionally, you can use it to start and stop the profiles.

Browser automation framework

You can use any browser automation framework (Puppeteer, Selenium, CDP).

Choose your programming language

Use the programming language you like: Go, Ruby, Python, or PHP.

Hybrid work mode

You can combine working with profiles through API automation with the manual mode depending on the tasks at hand.

Frequently asked question

You can find the API token in your Account Settings > Additional.

You can generate a new API token by clicking on Change in the Additional tab in Account Settings.

The most recent documentation and ready-made snippets are available at the link: The current API.

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