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Octo Browser supports all popular proxy types (https, socks5, ssh), and allows using third-party IP address management tools, and reusing the proxy in the future.
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Connect your proxies

Octo Browser has a robust interface for connecting your profiles with proxies. You can mass import and save proxies, check their status, and automate your proxy tasks using API.

Proxy features


Built-in proxy checker

Check the quality of your proxy connection right in Octo Browser.

Saving and editing

Work with entire profile groups while mass-adding proxies. All proxies added to the proxy manager are saved and available for editing.

Proxy AutoCompleting

Use a template to automatically add a proxy to a profile.

Unlimited number of temporary proxies

Add the necessary number of temporary proxies for a profile while creating or editing it.


No-limit proxy sharing within a team.

Frequently asked question

Proxy manager is a place where you can save your proxies in a separate spreadsheet and use them as needed, choosing them from the list.

No, but we support third party proxy providers.

Temporary proxies are added to the Connection setting of the profile, but they cannot be saved and subsequently chosen from the list or the Proxy tab. Saved proxies are kept in the Available list.

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