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Offer18 is an award-winning Performance Marketing Solution for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies offering professional tracking capabilities.

Offer18 helps digital professionals create their affiliate networks, optimize their campaign performance to generate better ROI by using built-in advanced tools.

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Key solutions and advantages:

  • Tracking & Analytics
    Attribution evaluates every touchpoint in the user journey.
    Performance Analytics to enhance reporting experience.
    Campaign Optimization provides insights and flexibility.

  • Automation
    Automation for better campaign performance.
    Robust Offer Sync API with 150+ integrated partners.
    Link Tester to validate the campaign's redirection.

  • Built-in Anti-Fraud
    Filtering out repeated clicks by Fraud Fender.
    Click Spamming Defender to tackle click flooding ad fraud.

  • Personalized Solution
    Tailored UI, designed specifically to meet the needs of users.
    Host partner networks on your domain using Network-Wide Domain.

  • Holistic Customer Support Services
    A dedicated team is available to guide you 24/7.
    Easy-to-understand Video Tutorials are available online.

  • Data Migration Services
    Personal migration assistance and a guidebook are available.
    Preserve your source data while migrating smoothly.
  • On-boarding
    Schedule a training session as many times as you need.
    Get help with onboarding and integrating new partners.

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