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Keitaro Tracker is an advertising tracker specifically designed for media buying and internet marketing. It is one of the most well-known trackers in the market, used as a primary tool for optimizing, controlling, managing, and protecting advertising campaigns. By using Keitaro, you can reduce expenses on unprofitable combinations and focus on increasing profits.

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Get a 20% discount on the first Keitaro product purchase with promo code: OCTOBROWSER. Enter the promo code during your first order.

Key features of the Keitaro Tracker:

  • High-performance reports with 30+ built-in metrics, updated every minute;
  • Keitaro Geo DB;
  • Click API/Admin API;
  • Local landing pages and built-in editor;
  • Integrations with Facebook, TikTok, Cloudflare, Namecheap, and more;
  • Full IPV6 support;
  • User activity log;
  • Admin panel and landing page protection from scanning by spy services;
  • Traffic stream monitoring;
  • Online support.

In addition, Keitaro offers over 250 ready-made CPA network templates and more than 200 traffic source templates, which include a set of all necessary metrics, Postback URL links and conversion params. This allows you to start working with your favorite resources in just a few clicks.

Also, for all new clients, a 14-day trial is available, in which you will receive an Expert license with no limitations in functionality.

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