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AdsBridge tracking platform provides a wide range of tools for monitoring and directing traffic, including direct monitoring of traffic quality and its subsequent optimization and distribution per your request. Using our tracker allows you to conduct A/B tests for your campaigns, work with moderators of traffic sources and partner networks, and see all possible information about your traffic for its analysis and optimization. Among multiple software configuration options, wide choice of tools, and diverse application cases our tracker offers you will be sure to find the ones that will be the most effective for you.

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Key features of the AdsBridge:

  • Cloud-based tracker;
  • Antifraud system;
  • Automatic campaign optimization;
  • Built-in landing page editor (Visual or HTML);
  • Tracking organic traffic without redirects;
  • Built-in bot filter and proxy detector;
  • Link hiding function;
  • Multi-user access;
  • Tracking without redirects for Facebook, GoogleAds and TikTok;
  • Free SSL certificate for domains, etc.

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