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Scenum is a unique service that allows you to automate different actions in your browser. This includes managing social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, VK) or any other online activity. The main advantage over other existing solutions is that everything is performed in your browser: you do not need to send your account data to third-party apps and services, and everything will look as if you are personally performing all the activities in your browser. History, cookies, and all other data will work to your advantage, and you will only need to kick back and reap the profits.

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Scenum key solutions and advantages:

  • Automatically get hundreds of accounts ready to work for you using pre-existing or custom scenarios (likes, posts, creating a FanPage, sending messages, adding friends);
  • Manage accounts’ advertising functions (create Ads Manager, Business Manager, deal with advertising restrictions);
  • Seamless integration with multi-accounting browsers;
  • A digital farming system (full monitoring of accounts’ lifecycle and Telegram bot notifications);
  • Our own wiki with a detailed description of functions and actions;
  • A responsive technical support team;
  • Built-in support for mobile proxies.

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