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CPA Queen

CPA Queen is a marketplace for ad assets. Our experienced team produces thousands of unique creative assets that convert daily.

Affiliate marketers can choose already existing creative materials or create them from scratch with their own tasks and scenarios in mind.

Increase your profits with CPA Queen creative assets!

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OCTOQUEEN10 gives you a 10% discount, available once for any purchase until 31.01.2024.
OCTOQUEEN5 gives you a 5% discount, available once for the first purchase until 31.12.2024.

Unique creative assets for your ad campaign:

    • Ads for your tasks.
    • Videos with your scenarios.
    • Creative assets by professionals.
    • Unique creative assets.


    • Localization of your creative assets for the desired geolocation.
    • Unique labels, fonts, and emotions.
    • Heavy-duty creative assets.

Ready-made creative assets:

    • Use an already available create asset and test it.
    • Great results, minimal expenses.
    • Spy-services are not a problem.

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