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Smartproxy's high-quality proxies empower task automation, offering versatility for market intelligence, account management, and data scraping. Datacenter proxies excel in speed, ideal for browsing and price comparison. Static residential proxies combine stability and speed.

Smartproxy's solutions cater to popular use cases, including web scraping, multi-accounting, price aggregation, AdTech, and SEO. Users enjoy IP protection from bans and CAPTCHAs.

Offer for Octo Browser users

This offer is valid for Octo Browser users only. Create an account to claim your discount. If you already use Octo Browser, go to the partner's website, sign up, and claim your offer.


15% discount on all types of proxies for first purchase — discount code: OCTO10


15% discount on all types of scrapers — discount code: OCTO10


Octo Browser users get 100MB of resident proxies for free when they go to the Smartproxy site.

Smartproxy key solutions and advantages:

  • 55M+ residential proxies to avoid geo and IP blocks while scraping — you can target any country, city, or state with endpoints in 195+ locations;
  • Fast and cost-effective 500K US and European datacenter proxies for scraping various targets;
  • 10M+ mobile proxies IP pool to collect data from sophisticated targets;
  • Static (ISP) residential proxies with forever website sessions;
  • Site unblocker that combines automatic proxy pool rotation, full session control, advanced browser fingerprinting, and more;
  • eCommerce, SERP, Social Media, and Web Scraping APIs allow you to gather data by sending just one API request with a free one-month trial;
  • Inclusive documentation and scraping API integration, covering several programming languages;
  • Friendly and helpful 24/7 support team operating via LiveChat;
  • Possibility to subscribe for scraping solutions via personal scraping dedicated Smart Wallet;
  • Pay As You Go, a zero commitments plan for residential and mobile proxies.

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