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EZmob is a self-serve DSP platform, serving all verticals and worldwide traffic on ad-formats such as Push notification, Pop, Native, and Display ads.

EZmob’s high-quality traffic and 24x7 available support can help you launch the best and most profitable ad campaigns in no time. Register today and get access to 4B+ users worldwide!

Offer for Octo Browser users

This offer is valid for Octo Browser users only. Create an account to claim your discount today. If you already use Octo Browser, proceed to the partner's website, sign up, and claim your offer.

Use code OCTOB50 for a $50 bonus on your initial $150 deposit.

EZmob's Advertiser Features:

    • CPM/CPC pricing models.
    • Full targeting suite including OS, Device, Platform, Placement, IP, and more.
    • Suitable inventory for all verticals (Mainstream, Utilities, Mobile Content, Nutrition, Gambling, and more).
    • Swift approval for campaigns.
    • Minimum deposit of $100.
    • Detailed reporting and automation rules.
    • Conversion tracking and optimization automation.
    • Whitelisting / Blacklisting of placements.
    • 24/7 client support via chat, email, and ticket center.

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