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Everad is an affiliate network and direct advertiser with specializing in nutrition. The company has been operating for a decade, during which it has gained the trust of 200k+ webmasters and made every effort to make sure their partners succeed!

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Everad key solutions and advantages:

  • Experience and expertise. The company boasts over a decade of experience and expertise in the market. Their extensive knowledge equips them to assist clients with diverse aspects of affiliate marketing, ranging from pinpointing lucrative niches to supporting webmasters throughout the entire process!

  • Original offers. Everad boasts over 400 in-house offers in the field of nutrition, utilizing the COD model. Each offer represents a distinctive, original product meticulously validated by media-buying and meticulously crafted down to the minutest detail.

  • Outstanding terms and conditions. As a direct advertiser, they offer high payouts of up to $49 per lead and boast excellent approval rates from their own call centers, which are staffed by native speakers.

  • Secure payments. They process payment requests daily, with the minimum threshold set at $50. They support multiple payout methods, including services for quick payments using bonuses.

  • Extensive GEO coverage. Everad allows users to drive traffic from over 45 GEOs in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. This extensive range of GEOs assists businesses in comfortably scaling up, as well as test out different regions.

  • Internal techEverad operates on a super convenient in-house platform. This ensures users get real-time stats, protection from click losses, and the ability to generate easy-to-use reports.

  • Close ties with each affiliate. Our tech support is the friendliest in the world – they aren’t just highly-qualified professionals, but also people who would like to be your friends.


More than 200,000 affiliates have already profited from the advantages Everad offers. They value the company for its caring technical support, relevant offers, and exclusive partnership conditions that will help you succeed!

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