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Antidetect browser for

Create and manage any number of accounts without hassle, IP bans and extra expenses.
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One antidetect
to rule them all

Octo Browser easily handles multi-accounting tasks for any service — Amazon, CoinList, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Winline.

Everything you need

Check out features that unleash the unlimited potential of
Octo Browser.
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Use thousands of accounts on a single device. Each profile has a distinct browser fingerprint of a real machine.

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Fingerprint management

Octo Browser allows you to control all fingerprint parameters. The fingerprint is managed in the Chromium code, which protects your device against additional checks.

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Transfer or share browser profiles with team members while keeping fingerprints intact. Use the same accounts on different devices with no checkpoints and bans for multi-accounting.

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API automation

Automate all account and profile interactions via an API using Puppeteer, Selenium or any other libraries.

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Create, clone, export and transfer your profiles with no limits. No configuration required — just 1 click to create and run a new profile with a distinct fingerprint.

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Octo Browser supports all popular proxy types: https, socks5, ssh. It allows to save proxies for future use and integrates with third-party solutions for changing IPs.

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Import сookies in json and Netscape formats. Automate cookie collection with the builtin cookie robot in parallel headless mode.

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full advantage

Learn about the benefits that make Octo Browser special.
No restrictions
The number of profiles running simultaneously is limited only by the resources of your machine.
No setup
Create a quick profile in one click and start working immediately.
Privacy and anonymity
All fingerprintable properties are controlled deep inside antidetect browser code. No site can track your real device.
Windows, MacOS (M series/Intel) and LinuxBeta
Octo Browser runs on Windows, Intel/Apple Silicon MacOS and LinuxBeta
Pass fingerprinting tests
Octo Browser successfuly passes such popular checkers as Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, Whoer and CreepJS.
We provide quick and professional support, including remote sessions via TeamViewer or similar software.

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Frequently asked question

Yes. Octo Browser is suitable for multi-accounting on any website or service.

We accept credit cards, crypto, etc. – see the full list on the pricing page.

Profiles are kept in your account for 6 months. If you do not purchase a subscription within 6 months, all profiles in your account are deleted.

Yes. There are no restrictions on the number of devices. You also can use different profiles simultaneously on multiple devices.

No. For now, Octo Browser is available only on desktop (Windows, MacOS and LinuxBeta).

Top-notch spoofing, usability and unprecedented performance.

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