Solutions accessible with Octo Browser

Octo Browser easily handles multi-accounting tasks for any service — Amazon, CoinList, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Winline.

Affiliate marketing

Create and control an unlimited number of Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, or TikTok accounts

Unlimited number of accounts

Use an unlimited number of accounts for affiliate marketing without worrying about bans. Create profiles with unique browser fingerprints in one click. Earn more in a team without worrying about data leaks.


We have everything you need for teamwork: account data sharing, proxies, cookies, and task delegation without the risk of data leaks.
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1.62 billion

users visit Facebook every day


of the world's adult population is Facebook's marketing reach

> 2 billion

monthly active users on Instagram


Octo Browser allows you to create any number of accounts and increase your profits on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Shopify, and Avito

Multi-accounting for any marketplace

Increase your sales effectiveness by creating multiple online stores on major e-commerce platforms. Unique browser profiles will help you work safely with Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Shopify, and Avito without worrying about potential bans.
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200 million

visitors each month

3,3% vs 1%

sales conversion rate

$610 billion

sales volume on Amazon

$390 billion

sales volume of private vendors on Amazon

Bounty & Airdrop

Octo Browser has successfully performed on token sale launchpads

Safe launchpad presence

Bounty & Airdrop is an excellent possibility of acquiring new tokens and coins for free. With Octo Browser you can participate in more distributions and increase your chances of making the token sale whitelists, upscaling your profits.
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> $79 billion

trading volume on lunchpads in 24 hours

$952 billion

total market value

Data scraping

Automate data scraping and analysis without worrying about bans, saving your physical and virtual resources

Safe web scraping

Save your web scraping resources by using unique browser profiles instead of physical or virtual machines. Digital fingerprint management tools will help you automate data scraping without worrying about bans and website blacklisting.
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5 billion

Internet users generate new data every second


of Internet traffic is generated by bots

Bonus hunting

Work with an unlimited number of bookies or casinos, creating new accounts on the same device

Create your accounts on any bookie or casino platform

Use Octo Browser to create new profiles, and your unique digital identity will pass any checks by bookies or casinos. Deep customization of digital fingerprints allows you to set up multiple accounts on the same device and make money without worrying about possible bans.
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~$90 billion

online gambling market size


Create a new digital identity. Sites won’t be able to track real properties of your device

You have full control over your data

Nobody will be able to track your digital fingerprint. The browser masks the data, and you become indistinguishable from other users. Use an unlimited number of virtual profiles to remain anonymous on the Web
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1.2 billion

people use VPN


of Web users use VPN

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